Kingston Wadokai is a unique Community Interest Company (we place community development first before profit) situated in the vibrant city of culture 2017 Hull, East Yorkshire UK, and as a dedicated team we have been in existence serving the local community since the early SEVENTIES. From 2009, we have been delivering inclusive martial arts into Special Schools, Primary, Secondary, Colleges, youth clubs, private, government organizations, and charities through a safe/fun environment with a proven participation plan for promoting exercise and healthy sporting lifestyles. The team has built up a reputation for delivering bespoke services in the community, supporting those who are disadvantaged, on low incomes, low skilled with lesser opportunities, NEETs, abused, the vulnerable, and those who are disengaged from society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive training and innovation in soft/essential skills across Europe, for educational institutions as well as professionals, for the labour market and for all European citizens in general. OUR VISION – is to become a leading social organisation respected at all national and international levels through continually improved training and innovation in pedagogy, andragogy, and entrepreneurial competencies to contribute to economic, social, and cultural challenges within the youth and adult training and Labour market. Ultimately our goal is to empower through scaffolding methodology for improving competences and entrepreneurial skills in lifelong learning that will be transferable in the labour market.

Our Values

  • We are committed to cultural and continuous evolution/adaption to changes supporting inclusion for all.
  • We are committed to excellence and providing the highest standards of quality of service.
  • We support the Europe 2020 strategy, which promotes an economy based on a pedagogy of knowledge, research, and innovation, high-level of education and professional training, adaptability and creativity, inclusive labour markets including the active involvement of young people in society.
  • We respect the human person/individual needs and we are committed to the balancing of professional, personal, and family life and values.
  • We are committed to human development. Job creation and social capital progression through investing in people, their training, education, and integration into society.

What we offer

We offer training and innovation in employable and entrepreneurial skills at all levels, but we are also committed to fostering innovative advances in education through active participation in European projects and educational initiatives.

Kingston Wadokai uses Hart’s theory and adapts the ladder into a series of self-defence levels of participation that can be defined simply as ‘games’ with an educational intent or outcome for transferable employability soft/essential skills. These ‘games’ are regularly positioned within a project following the Erasmus+ strategies as simple teaching agents which at first are leader lead. Then through methods of scaffolding and integrating soft/essential skills from non-formal to formal educational settings participants can work with their educators, as facilitators in creating inclusive peer learning, self-esteem, and empowerment. ‘Hart’s Ladder’ presents eight levels of participation moving from tokenistic manipulation of participants at the base of this ladder to ‘citizenship’ at the top where young people can initiate and share activities with adults. Kingston Wadokai EXPERIENCED TEAM uses several mixed methodologies/educational theories in supporting young people in a variety of projects through Erasmus+ Programmes. Rat Park/Maslow Hierarchy of Needs/Bloom’s Taxonomy/The GROW Model/Coaching/Mentoring. Kingston Wadokai has access to an unlimited number of experts and volunteers through youth clubs, colleges, and schools that provide enrichment of depth and capital to the organisations.

Kingston Wadokai has a forward-thinking professional team striving to be leaders in their field of innovative education. Kingston Wadokai experienced team delivers skills covering critical/positive academic and social Interdisciplinary/Multi-Disciplinary/Mixed methods research. Team experience and specialism areas are fundamental to Kingston Wadokai success in teaching/coaching/mentoring and delivering within youth organisations, colleges, and Hull college- the largest vocational college in Hull, working as an expert within an innovative curriculum/exams team producing Schemes of works and planning. Kingston Wadokai has actively supported 4 ERASMUS+ YOUTH MOBILITY EXCHANGE PROJECTS .


  • Japan Karate Federation Wadokai Inclusive Training Sessions
  • Self Defence Transferable Skills – Innovation – Creativity – Employability
  • Project Management – Planning – Delivery – Teaching – Assessments
  • Qualitative research – Mixed Methods Research – Digital and Social Media Research
  • Planning, Constructing – Processing Research Designs
  • Systematic Literature Reviews, Theories, and Methodology Strategies
  • Ethnographic Research – Field Studies – Observations- Sampling
  • Conducting Interviews – Individual – Focus Groups – Online – Face to Face – Telephone-Facilitating Interviews – reflection and reflective practice
  • Constructing Questionnaires – Sampling – Online/Paper-Based Testing – Implementation – Application
  • Qualitative Data collecting – Analysing – Transcribing – Coding – Results – Reports – Article Writing – Blogs
  • Non-formal and informal learning activities
  • Sport activities for youth/leaders