Hironori Ohtsuka
Hironori Ohtsuka founder of Wado Ryu Karate

Wado-ryu style of karate was created by Master Hironori Ohtsuka. In 1939 it was registered as a style with the Dai-Nippon-Butoku-Kai (Japan’s National association for the martial arts) and the “Way of Peace” style was born. Wado-ryu karate focuses on body shifting and evasion to evade opponent’s attacks

Basic techniques are: punching, kicking, blocking, striking with open hand, joint manipulation and trapping techniques; the practice of Kata which are sequences of techniques performed in a certain order against imaginary opponents culminating in a complete fighting system; and pre-arranged and free-style fighting or gumite.
These comprise the training foundation of the style.

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Fundamental to Wado Ryu is Taisabaki, body-shifting to avoid the full brunt of an attack, a technique derived from Japanese swordsmanship. Kumite (fighting or sparring) is practised in order to develop the skills we have learned during our basic karate sessions to keep us mentally and physically alert. Wado karateka tend to fight with explosive and close movements. Control is a vital component of this practice.

Karate Ni Sentenashi
It means that the Karateka must never attack first (mentally or physically) and this is a basic and very essential part of Karate training.

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