PGCE Mentoring

To whom it may concern,

From the first moment of meeting Peter, I found he has a real passion for teaching, and he believes not only in what he delivers, but he believes in himself too. His passion for delivering quality teaching and empowering young people in developing their capacity to become active citizens is second to none.

Peter really has taken on everything that has been advised and asked of him. It is a real privilege to witness a metamorphosis in Peter’s development and journey in achieving teaching status in lifelong learning. Peter’s drive to refine his skills and competences is evident as he is consistently reflecting on what went well, what did not go so well and what needs to change to improve his teaching. It is clear to see that Peter stretches and challenges himself, taking his privileged teaching role to be the best professional he can be.

Peter has not stopped at achieving his teaching status though. He is continuously developing
his skills and competences into becoming an excellent Project manager, writing creative and innovative Erasmus+ youth mobility exchange proposals, his recent article publishing success and presentation at the 3rd International health Science and Life Congress (IHSLC, 2020) Turkey has catapulted his capacity into an exceptional respected professional. It is hard to think that just within a short few weeks Peter has not only improved on his teaching, but found his forte in a specialism subject supporting young people and those disadvantaged and disengaged from society, but has also developed a renewed passion for writing.

Peter has worked hard and now holds a reputation throughout Europe and Turkey as a hardworking, creative, innovative professional individual. Peter has become extremely popular within the Erasmus+ youth mobility programmes because he is always willing to support and mentor his students ensuring his lessons are enjoyable, interesting, and educational. Peter is known to be calm, comfortable, and confident when collaborating with all organisations, decision makers and policy makers.

Peter’s other strengths are that he can adapt to anything asked of him, teach to all abilities, cultures, and diversity. He is quick to identify differentiation, and is aware when students are struggling, especially if English is not their first language. There is not much I can say about his development as he has just blossomed into a hands on active teacher, but he should try and become more fluent in another language, which I know he is currently learning Turkish.

Peter will be an important asset to any educational establishment as he is more than a
teacher, he is developing into an established project manager.

Best regards

Project Manager, Information Multiplier for H2020 Program
Izmir Governorship EU and Foreign Relations Bureau