Deborah Meakin

at 15:45, 17-Jun-2020 on Assignment 2: Professional Issues Assignment

Feedback message

Your module 4 submissions reflect your journey over your time as a trainee. The pedagogical developments you have made and the networking and links with other professionals and organisations has been huge and is something you approach comfortably now. You are not afraid to use new ideas and happily refer to the literature to support this. Your considered approach for your learners and your appreciation for the need for inclusion and how this relates to social justice comes consistently through your work.

While balancing the pressures of work and life with your course you have been able to make progress and complete your assignments and your portfolio with great success. The commitment and passion you have for your work have become part of your professionalism and it has been a pleasure to see this develop into the unique practitioner you have become.

Summary of feedback and developmental comments for modules.

In the later stages of the course, you have shared your experiences and also the fact that you have publications and conference presentations that have arisen from the work on your course – this is demonstrated in the way you have engaged with all aspects of your trainee-ship.

You have also prepared a detailed action plan and while we have talked about you being on a trajectory to being outstanding you have successfully delivered your teaching in several contexts.

Your background and approach are outstanding, and your skills development will follow, I am sure.

I wish you well for the future, your teaching and your planned projects.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020 16:12 by Deborah Meakin – Hull College – PGCE