Kingston Wadokai is striving to be a leader in the field of innovative education. Their experienced team deliver skills covering critical/positive academic and social Interdisciplinary/Multi-Disciplinary/Mixed methods research. Kingston Wadokai has actively supported 4 ERASMUS+ YOUTH MOBILITY EXCHANGE PROJECTS .

THEIR MISSIONà is to drive training and innovation in soft/essential skills across Europe, for educational institutions as well as professionals, for the labour market and for all European citizens in general. They promote active healthy sporting activities, turning young people into the creators of their own future, putting emphasis on building capacity and contributing to the global communities.

THEIR VISION – is to become a leading social organisation respected at all national and international levels through continually improved training and innovation in pedagogy, andragogy, and entrepreneurial competencies to contribute to economic, social, and cultural challenges within the youth and adult training, activism and Labour market. Ultimately their goal is to empower through scaffolding methodology for improving competences and entrepreneurial skills in lifelong learning that will be transferable in the labour market.

Kingston wadokai is specialise;    

1) Self Defence

2) Transferable Skills

3) Innovation

4) Creativity

5) Employability

6) Project Management

7) Planning

8) Delivery

9) Teaching

10) Assessments

11) Qualitative research

12) Mixed Methods Research

13) Digital and Social Media Research

14) Planning, Constructing

15) Processing Research Designs

16) Systematic Literature Reviews, Theories, and Methodology Strategies

17) Ethnographic Research

18) Field Studies

19) Observations- Sampling

20) Conducting Interviews

21) Individual

22) Focus Groups

 23) Online

 24) Face to Face

25) Telephone

26) Facilitating Interviews

27) Reflection and reflective practice

28) Constructing Questionnaires

29) Sampling

30) Online/Paper

31) Based Testing

32) Implementation

33) Application

34) Qualitative Data collecting

35) Analysing

36) Transcribing

37) Coding

38) Results

39) Reports

40) Article Writing

41) Blogs

42) Non-formal and informal learning activities

43) Sport activities for youth/leaders

44) providing sporting activities including Wadokai Karate

I have experienced and taken part in the activities stated above within the scope of Kingston Wadokai ‘s work programme. It was a great experience for me to be as an internship in Kingston Wadokai during one month. Kingston Wadokai is a social enterprise. It is also a big opportunity for me to work and study in a social enterprise which is have been rarely set up in our country.

I attended the internship program of Kingston Wadokai which focused on being as active as possible during Covid-19, the internship program included were the amazing activities that specialize on the local talented youths. It was wonderful to attending poetry nights and singing in times of the global crisis in an amazing country like UK. In addition to the other contributions of these activities which support teamwork skills and intercultural interaction, they developed my language education. These activities also acted in coordination with some of my lessons. While I learned the emphasis on social roles gained with gender in the my Gender Equality Course, I learned to overcome this structural emphasis in events at Kingston Wadokai. I applied one by one the levels of methodological methods which I learned in the Research Skills Course in the tasks assigned to me in the projects. I used the techniques I learned in the Advanced Writing Skills Course in the reports I wrote in England. Thanks to Kingston Wadokai, I had the opportunity to put my educational skills I learned in the courses into practice. I learned that other members who attended the event shared the same view as me. During Covid-19 Crisis, although the events were local, but they were welcomed by young people like me and became extremely popular. It was a great opportunity for me to meet talented young people from different nationalities and singing with them historical songs about their nations peacefully. Among the written reviews, the number of people who want to experience this internship again is quite high. Andrew Beacock worked in coordination with  Hull BackPackers in behalf of Kingston Wadokai which aiming to provide young people with required skills such as leadership, problem-solving techniques and effective communication skills. To sum up, it was wonderful to be in Kingston Wadokai and spend time with talented local youth in this time of crisis.

START DATE: 03.08.2020

END DATE: 31.08.2020


This team is one of the best I have ever worked in collaboration and unique in their region. I am really happy to work with them. Stay tuned for their amazing international initiatives!

Information Multiplier for H2020 Program

Fatma Susam Özsayın – Izmir – Turkey

I have had the pleasure of working with Peter over the last couple of months. Peter’s enthusiasm, confidence and passion are both inspiring and infectious. He believes in Karate and really wants to drive Kingston WadoKai to the next level. The sport is in safe hands in Hull and I would recommend his club to anyone.
Alastair Wood

Alastair Wood – Hull City Council

PGCE Mentoring

To whom it may concern,

From the first moment of meeting Peter, I found he has a real passion for teaching, and he believes not only in what he delivers, but he believes in himself too. His passion for delivering quality teaching and empowering young people in developing their capacity to become active citizens is second to none.

Peter really has taken on everything that has been advised and asked of him. It is a real privilege to witness a metamorphosis in Peter’s development and journey in achieving teaching status in lifelong learning. Peter’s drive to refine his skills and competences is evident as he is consistently reflecting on what went well, what did not go so well and what needs to change to improve his teaching. It is clear to see that Peter stretches and challenges himself, taking his privileged teaching role to be the best professional he can be.

Peter has not stopped at achieving his teaching status though. He is continuously developing
his skills and competences into becoming an excellent Project manager, writing creative and innovative Erasmus+ youth mobility exchange proposals, his recent article publishing success and presentation at the 3rd International health Science and Life Congress (IHSLC, 2020) Turkey has catapulted his capacity into an exceptional respected professional. It is hard to think that just within a short few weeks Peter has not only improved on his teaching, but found his forte in a specialism subject supporting young people and those disadvantaged and disengaged from society, but has also developed a renewed passion for writing.

Peter has worked hard and now holds a reputation throughout Europe and Turkey as a hardworking, creative, innovative professional individual. Peter has become extremely popular within the Erasmus+ youth mobility programmes because he is always willing to support and mentor his students ensuring his lessons are enjoyable, interesting, and educational. Peter is known to be calm, comfortable, and confident when collaborating with all organisations, decision makers and policy makers.

Peter’s other strengths are that he can adapt to anything asked of him, teach to all abilities, cultures, and diversity. He is quick to identify differentiation, and is aware when students are struggling, especially if English is not their first language. There is not much I can say about his development as he has just blossomed into a hands on active teacher, but he should try and become more fluent in another language, which I know he is currently learning Turkish.

Peter will be an important asset to any educational establishment as he is more than a
teacher, he is developing into an established project manager.

Best regards

Project Manager, Information Multiplier for H2020 Program
Izmir Governorship EU and Foreign Relations Bureau



Deborah Meakin

at 15:45, 17-Jun-2020 on Assignment 2: Professional Issues Assignment

Feedback message

Your module 4 submissions reflect your journey over your time as a trainee. The pedagogical developments you have made and the networking and links with other professionals and organisations has been huge and is something you approach comfortably now. You are not afraid to use new ideas and happily refer to the literature to support this. Your considered approach for your learners and your appreciation for the need for inclusion and how this relates to social justice comes consistently through your work.

While balancing the pressures of work and life with your course you have been able to make progress and complete your assignments and your portfolio with great success. The commitment and passion you have for your work have become part of your professionalism and it has been a pleasure to see this develop into the unique practitioner you have become.

Summary of feedback and developmental comments for modules.

In the later stages of the course, you have shared your experiences and also the fact that you have publications and conference presentations that have arisen from the work on your course – this is demonstrated in the way you have engaged with all aspects of your trainee-ship.

You have also prepared a detailed action plan and while we have talked about you being on a trajectory to being outstanding you have successfully delivered your teaching in several contexts.

Your background and approach are outstanding, and your skills development will follow, I am sure.

I wish you well for the future, your teaching and your planned projects.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020 16:12 by Deborah Meakin – Hull College – PGCE

Deborah Meakin – Hull College – PGCE Course