Kingston Wadokai participates in the Erasmus+ KA1/KA2 and Sports projects and supports the European Council 2024 Strategy by supporting the “developing a strong and vibrant economic base” item in strategy.

Creating an entrepreneurship and employment approach base on Green Deal Strategies.

The direct target groups of our projects are NEETs, low skilled, low income, vulnerable, disadvantaged, those with disabilities and young people who have been affected the hardest due to the COVID-19 global crisis, therefore, directly targeting groups of young people.
The focus on young people has been highlighted with the adoption of the Europe 2020 and 2024 strategies

We support the project Empower4Employment and are happy to be associated with their works.

Kingston Wadokai has collaborated with Hull City Council in the past and has played a part in delivering its strategy of working towards a strong and active sports community leading healthier lifestyles.

Sportivate aimed to provide 14 – 25 years of age with lesser opportunities, NEETs, the disadvantaged and people with a disability the opportunity to receive 6 weeks of high quality coaching in a sport of their choice. It was a £32 million National Lottery funded programme that ran for 4 years. During the six weeks the participants also worked towards an event or personal challenge.

Street Games is the sports charity that brings community sport to the doorstep of young people living in disadvantaged communities across the UK

Sainsbury’s Active Kids was a voucher scheme delivered through Sainsbury’s. Nurseries, schools, Scout, Guide groups and Club mark-accredited sports clubs redeemed vouchers for sports equipment. According to the Sainsbury’s website, over £115 Million worth of equipment was supplied to applicants between 2005 and 5th August 2011.

“Active Hull” programme, is a joint initiative between NHS Hull and Hull City Council. The programme is to encourage the community back into regular exercise.

East Riding’s largest indoor adventure play centre. Catering for ages up to and including 12 years. Kingston Wadokai collaborated with Jack in the Box to provide weekly sessions to support the healthy lifestyles becoming more active.


LifeZone is a Christian Charity within the Community Church Hull. The Charity helps children/young people, youth and families come together and hang out just to have some fun. LifeZone supports families who have had troubled times or just want to spend some quality time together.

Through our charity work and project writing bids we were able to secure much needed equipment for our weekly sessions.