Although Kingston Wadokai is a new unique social enterprise (SME) situated in East Yorkshire UK, as a dedicated team of volunteers we have been in existence serving the local community since the early SEVENTIES and from 2009 we have been delivering inclusive martial arts into Special Schools, Primary, Secondary, Colleges, youth clubs, private, government organisations, and charities through a safe/fun environment with a proven participation plan.

Kingston Wadokai’s team has built up a reputation for delivering bespoke services in the community, supporting those who are disadvantaged, on low incomes, low skilled with lesser opportunities, NEETs, abused, the vulnerable, and those who are disengaged from society.

Kingston Wadokai’s experienced team aims to offer young people/adults of all levels/abilities a variety of sporting activities/self-defence techniques and transferring those learned essential skills from a physical practical session into formal/non-formal classroom-based environment to enhance soft skills for sustainable employability and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Kingston Wadokai experienced team uses several mixed methodologies/educational theories in supporting young people in a variety of projects through Erasmus+ Programmes. Rat Park/Maslow Hierarchy of Needs/Bloom’s Taxonomy/The GROW Model/Coaching/ Mentoring.

Kingston Wadokai has access to an unlimited number of experts and volunteers through youth clubs, colleges, and schools that provide enrichment of depth and capital to the organisations.

Kingston Wadokai CIC was founded by Peter Beacock in 2019, however, we have been active in the community since 1970s teaching/coaching/mentoring young people and adults Wadokai karate for over 47 years.

Peter’s involvement in Kingston Wadokai spans over 37 years and through his entrepreneurship skills/competencies, he decided to expand the organisation’s structure and lead the team into supporting young people both locally and internationally into sustainable employability.

Kingston Wadokai is a forward-thinking professional organisation striving to be a leading innovative educational vehicle that supported 7 LOCAL, 5 NATIONAL PROGRAMMES INCLUDING SUPPORTING, 1 SOUTH AFRICAN PROJECT, 4 ERASMUS+ YOUTH MOBILITY EXCHANGE PROJECTS – AND WAS INSTRUMENTAL IN WRITING THE