February 2020 – Izmir- Turkey

Visit to Ege University, Izmir. Kingston Wadokai was fortunate to be invited to deliver a lecture to a packed audience of young people on mobility, youth exchange and employability.

Visit to Dokuz Eylul Koleji, Izmir. Again Kingston wadokai was fortunate to be invited to meet staff and children at a creative and innovative school.

Project proposals Initiation Meetings

Izmir – Turkey – February 2020

Meeting the Deputy Governor of Izmir Valiligi

Discussing ancient writings/texts and project proposals

Please, read more of the projects we have been involved in since 2018

Fatma Susam Özsayın (PhDc), Project Manager, Expert facilitated the overall meetings and presented a well-structured and extremely informative training session on how to complete the KA2 Erasmus+ online proposal. Kingston wadokai welcomed this training and Peter Beacock thanked Fatma for taking her time in delivering the much-needed training.  

Each attendee presented themselves through presentations of their background and presented their ideas for new proposals for 2020.

To summarise the meetings went well and some initial actions were discussed for moving forward.

Peter Beacock represented Kingston wadokai at the initiation meetings and participated in a variety of activities including the delivery of a lecture to young people at the University of Ege and visiting a local and popular school in Izmir.

Peter Beacock of Kingston wadokai is so grateful for the hospitality and welcoming friendship he experienced during his visit to Izmir.

Andrew working in Collaboration with Hull Trinity Back Packers on community development Summer 2020

Andrew has been busy during the COVID-19 crisis, working in collaboration with the Hull Trinity Backpackers. Since pub venues, hotels etc have been allowed to reopen for business, Andrew has taken the initiative in organising small events to support youth, and local talent within the Hull community. The events have proved to be a success producing a small gathering of intimate evenings full of richness, diversity, collaboration, inclusion, and community development that the spirit of Hull provides with stand-up comedians, musicians, and poetry. All the performing artists including Andrew volunteered their own services, skills, talent, and free time ensuring that the events were a super success. Kingston Wadokai is now seeking partners to work in collaboration on Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects.

Kingston Wadokai in the community

Supporting the community during Lockdown 2020

eTwinning projects

During 2020 Kingston Wadokai has made the very best of opportunities to continue supporting and developing young people, youth and adults in formal and non-formal education. This year Kingston Wadokai has shown its resilience during these worrying and testing times. As a result we have shown that we can be creative and innovative when times are hard…We are still working hard in the background and delivering through the new digital age. Peter has been fortunate to be involved in 5 eTwinning projects and we are looking forward to more projects in 2021.

A House Called “Land”

Climate change is now an indisputable global reality. They are not just an environmental problem, but a humanitarian and development emergency with global proportions.
One of the main objectives of environmental education is to develop a critical spirit, as well as to become aware of environmental problems, seeking to transform passive people and communities into active agents, capable of reflecting and presenting solutions to problems. This education is all the more important if we consider that children can participate for a longer time and influence the future, with sustainable practices, in a constant exercise of citizenship both in the family context and in the social context in which they are inserted.

Gender Equality in Sports

We are going to work with the gender equality as a reference in education, which is the main objective of the European Union and U.N. and promotes the gender equality between women and men (Agenda 2030).
We are going to investigate how the gender is associated with different sports.
We will think and investigate the different prejudices that are in order in our society currently. In addition, we will compare directly our observations with the other partner students.

I want to Breathe

The project aims to inform our youth about the causes of climate change, and to exchange ideas on what can be done to adapt to change and reduce its effects, and to organise various activities to gain climate literacy. In this direction the project aims to bring in individuals who have 21st century skills, know the environment in which they live, respect and protect it.

We are all One!

The most important rationale of this project is to change wrong attitudes to learning for disadvantaged students ,to enhance students’ creativity and their love of learning, strengthen lifelong desire to learn, and to create a cooperative atmosphere among the participants. Success will bring positive point of view to school and learning, all these results will be reflection of language learning and interdisciplinary learning among lessons. Impact on the creativity of art and power of science are important components of this dimension to learn and teach a foreign language. Also New generations are growing without knowing importance of their heritage. Every society has got unique cultural, natural and historical heritage that are inherited from past generations, maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future generations. In this partnership the other aim is to learn unique cultural heritage of partner countries, to share knowledge and skills.

We Want Equality! Goal N.5 of the agenda 2030

This project will aim at helping students get a better understanding of what Agenda 2030 is, and, in particular, what goal n.5 implies.
We intend, in fact, to analyse with our pupils how our contemporary society can “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.
Our work will start from a discovery of Agenda 2030 as a whole, then pass through the analysis of the UN and the EU as organisations that set up and adopted these goals, and subsequently focus specifically on gender equality under several different perspectives.
Teenage students will share ideas and researches with other partners around Europe (from UK, Italy, Spain, Turkey for example), producing and sharing their multimedia outcomes on the Twin space platform, which will allow them to get a wider overview on such a complex and still controversial issue.


Reaching out to the Youth during Covid-19 times.

Kingston Wadokai’s team member/founder Peter Beacock co-hosted a Youth Club Kick-Off meeting on TEAMS. During the next few weeks we will be discussing a whole range of topics, playing games, role playing and developing a community and engaging with young people.

The Topics we will discuss include: Gender equality, Leadership, Bullying, Climate change, Employability, Education, Healthy active habits of a lifetime, Drugs/Alcohol abuse and Domestic Violence.

At the start of November 2020 Kingston Wadokai’s team member Andrew Beacock returned to teaching online, reaching out across international waters to continue teaching English as a foreign language. The main topics discussed included, CV writing skills, interview techniques and sexual health. Class size 15 students.

Successful collaboration of 2021 KA1 Project “Modern Balance”

I am pleased to announce that the project “Modern Balance” which Kingston Wadokai is one of the partners has been approved by the European Commission within the scope of the Erasmus+ Program. We will actively support youth workers through this project…

Short reminder about project:

The target group of this project will be youth leaders, youth workers, coaches, educators who are working closely with young people and are able to transfer their knowledge about healthy lifestyle for youngsters.

The main addressed issue – unbalanced youngsters’ health lifestyle.

The main aim of the project – to empower youth workers willing to develop and organize innovative health-enhancing activities with youngsters in their communities.

The main objectives of this project:

– To give the general knowledge about the main elements of healthy life – style: physical (physical activity and nutrition), mental and emotional health.

– To provide knowledge and skills on how to apply digital/innovative technologies in health-enhancing activities for the reason to make the topic about healthy life-style more attractive to young people.

‘MIRA – Creative Women in Labor Market” KA2 Erasmus+

I am pleased to announce that the Erasmus+ KA2 project ”MIRA – Creative Women in Labor Market” has been approved with number ”2020-1-TR01-KA227-ADU-098492” for funding by the European Commission via the Turkish National Agency.

Kingston Wadokai will collaborate in Partnership with Turkey, Romania and Portugal.



Kingston Wadokai is Local but thinks Global…We are currently working in collaboration with the newly formed DEK YOUTH CLUB. DEK will be particiapting in Erasmus projects.

We have an experienced and dedicated team serving the local community delivering youth/sports activities through a safe/fun environment with a proven participation plan. DEK is building a reputation for delivering bespoke services in the community, promoting cross-sector integration and cooperation between civil society organisations, businesses, public institutions and educational bodies, in order to facilitate innovation and the emergence of breakthrough solutions to societal challenges, promoting young people to becoming more active in their community. We have unlimited experts in the fields of academia, economics, finances, education and training, ICT, System design, digital, sports activities, social and cultural sciences, and youth activism. DEK’s leaders aim to offer youth of all levels/abilities a variety of inclusive and multicultural activities techniques, promoting a healthy living lifestyle and transferring those learned essential skills from a physical practical session into formal/non-formal classroom-based environment to enhance empowerment, self esteem, refining soft skills for sustainable employability and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Delivering online Wadokai Karate Sessions

Wow…so overwhelmed by the number of students participating in today’s online Wadokai karate taster sessions Attendance 14 students from sec & high19 students from 3-4th grade42 students from 1-2nd grade Here is just one of today’s TEAMs session. Please, can I have a rest now!

More Online Wadokai Karate Sessions.