Peter Beacock, MSc

Project Manager/Founder

2nd Dan JKF – CHIEF Coach

Peter has a (Masters) MSc (Res) in Social Sciences, his expertise is PGCE, (Professional Graduate Certificate in Education), TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and Ethnographic research. An expert in the skills of coaching sports and Wadokai Karate covering employability, critical/positive academic and social behavior within community development, social setting, its diversity, cultural, and traditional aspects. Interdisciplinary and Multi-Disciplinary research including Religion, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, and Community Development. Currently studying the Turkish language in his free time, which he is hoping will help with future projects.

Stuart Mountain


Having worked in media for over 30 years both for Independent Radio, BBC Radio, BBC Websites and BBC Television, Stuart has immersed himself with a vast skill base ranging from presenting both news and radio shows to running teams in large technical outside broadcast events. Skilled in Photography, Field Production, News Writing, Film Editing, Audio Editing and Breaking News. A BBC trained, international award winning Senior Journalist and Technical Operations Manager.

Andrew Beacock


Andrew (Youth Leader) comes from a Marine engineer background with a wealth of experience in volunteering in several countries supporting young people with lesser opportunities. Andrew taught in Uganda with the government charity ICS and Restless Development. It involved teaching lifelong employability education in high schools. After ten weeks in Uganda, he returned to the UK before going on a sabbatical to South and Central America where he volunteered in local communities and schools. Whilst in Honduras, Andrew had the opportunity to teach English where he advanced his Spanish speaking skills and whilst experiencing rich cultures. During school time Andrew taught a range of different topics but mainly focused on social studies, employability skills, sex education and English. This year Andrew supported the vulnerable, disadvantage, those with mental health, alcohol, and drug abuse through a local charity the Warren. During the Covid-19 crisis Andrew continues to work for Kingston Wadokai in the community by coordinating small weekly events promoting a local hostel (Back Packers) with the Arts covering local young talent through their Music, Poetry and Stand-Up Comedy. Andrew continues to teach Spanish to those with fewer opportunities and has been supporting young people with their online Spanish lessons. Andrew also has experiences of survival techniques, scouting, camping, map reading, orienteering, and firefighting, Andrew is currently studying youth exchange and business project/management at the University of Hull and he will continue to support Kingston Wadokai as a valued member and as a mobility student.

Ana Lozovanu, MSc

Voluntary Youth Leader / Teacher/Trainer

“Don’t find a job, find a mission”. With this in mind, Ana began her career in the field of molecular genetics. She has Masters Degree in Molecular Biology and three years of experience as a Molecular Biologist in Scientific Laboratory “Cancer Biology” from Republic of Moldova. She was an executor in four national scientific projects in the field of Cancer Genetics and the results of some projects were translated into clinical practice in the field of Oncology and now those results help hundreds of patients in Republic of Moldova. Her arrival in the UK aimed to gain new knowledge in the field of molecular genetics by continuing her studies. Only here she found a new passion, a new stage in her mission, to activate as a Science Teacher. Teaching someone allows you to put a small part of yourself in the future of a new generation. This is worth every effort. She speaks Russian, Romanian and English. She worked for a short period of time as a Supply Teacher at Hull College where she met Peter and found that people with common goals can create successful teams. She is confident that she can support Kingston Wadokai projects. What Ana always says is “Believe in yourself, and remember, you absolutely can have it all!”.

Anthony Beacock, MEng

IT and Youth Leader/Trainer

Anthony achieved a 1:1 (with Honors) Masters Degree in Computer Science with Games Development and is currently working as a Software Developer in Hull. In his free time, he has started to volunteer and help toward the technical side of Kingston Wadokai, enabling it to remain modern and up-to-date, as we move through the Information Age. Anthony has a love for language learning. He has good level and understanding of German due to having an A Level in German as well as visiting Germany on various occasions, on holidays and also foreign exchange schemes. He is also currently learning Italian. He sings, plays various musical instruments including the guitar and he also runs OurGreatAncestors, which aims to help people learn skills through exploring the history of their family. Since the 1970s, karate had been a passion of Anthony’s late father David Anthony Beacock, identical twin brother to Peter. When the opportunity arose, Anthony felt it was his duty to help out at Kingston Wadokai, in order to ensure that the family’s love of karate was continued, as well as his love of helping people achieve their dreams.

Mark Lindsay


For the last fifteen years Mark has supported local families and businesses with their psychological, unexplained related problems. By unexplained, meaning situations were science using accepted modes of enquiry are unable to explain. These experiences have led Mark to publish two books on Hull’s Urban legends, appearing on radio shows, Estuary TV and empowered him to write several articles and blogs on the subject which include experiments involving the public using para-psychological modes of investigation. Mark’s research and understanding of psychological phenomena stem from his personal experiences within the field of ethnographic research, systematic reviews, interviews, questionnaires, academic research, and reflection dating back twenty-eight years. In the past, Mark has helped over thirty families and dozens of private businesses. Since joining Kingston Wadokai in the mid-nineties, Mark has been an active member and it is great to use his transferable research skills in supporting the organisation with its continued goal in supporting the community.