Receiving my JKF confirmation grade

Peter Beacock MSc

Founder/teacher/Project Manager

2nd Dan JKF Japan karate federation – CHIEF Coach

Peter has a (Masters) MSc (Res) Social Sciences and his expertise is PGCE, Professional Graduate Certificate in Education, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and Ethnographic research. As well as holding a 2nd Dan in JKF (Japan Karate Federation) Wadokai karate, Peter is an expert in the skills covering employability, critical/positive academic and social behaviour within community development, its social setting, its diversity, cultural, traditional aspects. Interdisciplinary and Multi-Disciplinary research including Religion, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy and Community Development.

Peter is skilled in key pedagogical principles and their implications for teaching and learning in the specialist area of TEFL, sport, education, and vulnerability. Highly skilled in theoretical concepts of innovation and creativity in teaching, learning and their application to a specialist area. Skilled in the delivery for diversity and the ability to establish an inclusive learning environment. Experienced in appropriate teaching strategies and methods within the specialist area of TEFL. Skilled in developing abilities to apply research in designing effective learning and assessment strategies and materials. Experienced in Inclusive approach to teaching and learning outcomes.

Along with academic achievements and expertise Peter is a qualified gym level 2 coach and sports coach specialising in Karate/Self-defence and a variety of sports working and coaching all abilities especially people with learning disabilities.

Peter recently submitted a PhD research proposal of 5K words: “The Effect of International Student Mobility in Higher Education:” The Impact of Mobility on Employability of Graduates through Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges.

November 2019 successfully submitted a joint article with Fatma Susam Özsayın (Information Multiplier for H2020 Program), (Turkey) on the ‘THE IMPACT OF MOBILITY ON EMPLOYABILITY OF GRADUATES.’ Which has been successful and will be to published in June 2020.

Peter has participated in several conferences and lectures with Power point and digital tools promoting education, mobility, empowerment, employability including:
Ege University – Izmir, Turkey – 2020
University of Huddersfield – UK – 2020
University of Hull – UK – 2019
Hull College – 2019