My name is Job Magagula, I reside and train in South Africa. I first came aware of Wadokai karate back in 1984 when I commenced training sessions with Sensei Simon Jele. Sensei Jele was a former student of Sensei Jan Bujack. Bujack left South Africa in 1978 having lived there for 6 years, but during this time he passed all his knowledge in hope that Wadokai could continue and grow. However, under the years of hardship of Apartheid in South Africa things were extremely difficult and unfortunately, we lost all international contact with the world of Wado. However, in an environment where we had no say, I continued my training the best I could and Sensei Jele taught me all that he had learnt during those 6 years with Bujack.

Having had years of disengagement from Wado, in 2012 I accidently came across a Wado man who was incredibly supportive of our small group. Even though there is a great distance between us, Sensei Peter of Kingston Wadokai, UK was more than happy to talk, share and support. We communicated through social media platforms such as Facebook becoming friends and then there was a window of opportunity that came along. My friend Walter Botha and I had been fortunate to be picked to represent South Africa in the world international Taekwondo championships that where to be held in the UK. So, in 2013 we travelled from Birmingham UK to Kingston Upon Hull where we finally met face to face with Sensei Peter and Kingston Wadokai.  

During this time with Sensei Peter, Walter and I were able to discuss Wado and train with students from Kingston Wadokai. Peter and his students welcomed us with open arms, and they showed me the Wado way of peace and harmony. Sensei Peter is truly a pure Wado man who is always happy to support individuals and groups. He really lives according to the philosophy of Wado (Way of Peace).

Since that meeting Wadokai South Africa and Kingston Wadokai continue to work in collaboration to spread ‘The Way of peace’ in my country. I did never meet the founder of Wadoryu (Hironori Otsuka) personally but his teachings have made a positive difference in my life. Sensei Peter’s pedigree is pure Wado as he studies under the original Hironori Otsuka students. Even though I am a Taekwondo international and Chief Instructor I cannot forget my roots in Wado and my instructor Sensei Jele.        

Job Magagula