More than just karate.

Putting the Community First!

“By following our passion, we find our purpose.”

“Let us teach you transferable and essential life skills through our innovative, inclusive and bespoke training and sports sessions”


Our mission is to drive training and innovation in soft/essential skills through karate, sports sessions, and formal/non-formal education across Europe, for educational institutions as well as professionals, for the labour market and promoting a healthy active lifestyle for all European citizens in general.

(We deliver motivational lectures)

our vision

Is to become a leading social organisation respected at all national and international levels through continually improved training and innovation in pedagogy, andragogy, and skills competences to contribute to economic, social, and cultural challenges within youth and adult training and the increase of youth activism.

our values

We are committed to cultural and continuous evolution, whilst respecting and focusing on the needs of individuals in a professional and personal way. We also support the new Erasmus+ Programme (2021 -2027) strategy, which is inclusive, innovative and promoting a more greener and digital Europe that is in recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on recent projects we have been involved in, please visit our blog.

Kingston Wadokai

Founded by Peter Beacock in 2019, however, we have been active in the community since 1970s teaching/coaching/mentoring young people and adults Wadokai karate for over 47 years. Peter’s involvement in Kingston Wadokai spans over 37 years and through his entrepreneurship skills/competencies, he decided to expand the organisation’s structure and lead the team into supporting young people both locally and internationally into sustainable employability. Kingston Wadokai is a forward thinking professional organisation striving to be a leading innovative educational vehicle.

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